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Your Path to Student Loan Relief

<p><strong>Student Loan Repayment &#38; Forgiveness for Physicians</strong></p>

Student Loan Repayment & Forgiveness for Physicians

Federal student loan repayment and forgiveness are a top concern for a majority of the early-career physicians we work with. With several changes to the student loan space in recent years, including COVID forbearance periods, changes in loan servicers, and the introduction of a new repayment plan, determining the most appropriate repayment or forgiveness strategy for each person has become more complex.

Residents, fellows, and physicians transitioning into practice are in a unique situation regarding student loans. Despite opportunities for loan repayment and PSLF for your career path, there are pros and cons with income-driven repayment plans depending on career and life stage.  We view loan repayment strategies as a key element in building a solid financial foundation and overall financial plan. Our team stays updated in the federal loan space to help navigate the changes that may impact your path to loan repayment.

We specialize in YOU and have had the pleasure of working with thousands of physicians at over 400 different training hospitals across the country. We do not receive referral fees from refinancing companies, which allows us to present your repayment & forgiveness options in an objective manner.

<p><strong>Kyle Flynn, CSLP</strong></p>

Kyle Flynn, CSLP

Kyle Flynn, CSLP®, is a Financial Advisor and Student Loan Specialist. In addition to providing holistic financial planning services to physicians, he also offers no-obligation, introductory calls to answer questions and help navigate the most appropriate loan repayment strategy for you.

Programs and Presentations

Kyle often presents to residents and fellows on a variety of important financial topics. He works closely with program coordinators, chief residents, and program directors for orientation and didactic presentations. These Q&A-style presentations help answer the most pertinent questions for the group based on specialty & career path, with loan repayment strategies often being a top concern.

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Program Coordinators & Education Chiefs

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Residents & Fellows

Factors such as income, marital status, and children can impact your plan. Let us help you navigate the most appropriate loan repayment strategy for you.

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