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Residents & Fellows

<strong>Building a Solid Foundation While in Training</strong>

Building a Solid Foundation While in Training

Our sole focus is helping early-career physicians gain a solid financial foundation, including insurance and investment strategies, then create customized plans to help you comfortably plan for the road ahead.

Top Financial Concerns for Residents & Fellows

<strong>Student Loans</strong>

Student Loans

Our experienced financial advisors can provide a detailed student loan analysis to help determine the right repayment strategy for you and can help save you money in the long run.

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<strong>Disability Insurance</strong>

Disability Insurance

Let our insurance specialists run a free comparison of the major carriers and discuss the process, independent of any specific carrier to find the right policy for you.

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<strong>Life Insurance</strong>

Life Insurance

We specialize in helping early-career physicians find the right life insurance policy to replace your current and future income and support your family when you're gone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For physicians in training, we recommend focusing on debt reduction, risk management (insurance), and emergency reserves. Handling these items while in training will set a solid foundation for when you make the transition from training into practice. The initial focus is on foundational pieces of financial planning. This includes debt reduction, risk management (insurance), and emergency reserve (savings). 

Student loan repayment programs, laws, and forgiveness options are constantly evolving. With the introduction of the Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) program in 2023, there are a multitude of factors and new options to consider when choosing the best repayment/forgiveness strategy as a physician.    

There are a few key reasons to secure DI coverage while in training, including locking in your health with lower rates, training discounts of up to 30%, and less restrictive underwriting. It is unlikely that at this stage you have an asset larger than your future ability to practice medicine and earn an income (even more so if you have student loans). Until this is no longer the case, disability insurance is a key piece of your financial foundation. More info and to request a full comparison on our disability page.

Twin Oak works exclusively with physicians and understands some of the key financial decisions you face as you transition out of training and into your new role. We have built a team of specialists in each major financial area you face and work together to formulate a holistic plan. We also have a strong focus on financial education as we walk through each piece of the plan together.

Planning Services for Residents and Fellows

  • Comprehensive Debt Analysis
  • Loan Repayment & Forgiveness Advice
  • Income-driven Repayment Plan Selection
  • Repayment Strategies given Career Assumptions
  • Financial Education & coaching
  • Basic Risk Management Assessment
  • Overview of Financial Position
<strong>Not Sure Where to Start?</strong>

Not Sure Where to Start?

Let’s start with the concern keeping you up at night. If you have specific questions or a financial concern not mentioned above, feel free to reach out and one of our specialists is happy to connect or point you in the right direction.