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Program Coordinators & Education Chiefs

<strong>Helping You Guide Early-Career Physicians</strong>

Helping You Guide Early-Career Physicians

 As the trusted gatekeeper for physicians in training, you spend time setting their schedules, educating them and explaining what you can do for their programs. Many of your charges may also have questions about their financial well-being to ensure that they are established for the road ahead.

Resources for Leaders:

Below are just a few presentations and programs we have organized in order to help you with your practice. Connect with our team today to discuss what you're looking for. 

<strong>Student Loan Presentations</strong>

Student Loan Presentations

<strong>Financial <br/>Q&#38;As</strong>


<strong>Welcome to Practice Checklists</strong>

Welcome to Practice Checklists

<strong>Insurance Discussions</strong>

Insurance Discussions

Frequently Asked Questions

We often work with program coordinators and department heads to arrange webinars or presentations specifically for your group on student loans, disability insurance, or how to make the transition from training to practice. Looking for something specific? We'd love to connect and discuss it. 

Please use our contact us page to get in touch with our team about a presentation for your program. Someone from our team will then reach out with more information.    

Yes, we are more than happy to speak at events like those listed. Please reach out with reasonable notice to discuss the details of a presentation like this.

You can follow this link to our contact page and we will be in contact soon!

<strong>Not Sure Where to Start?</strong>

Not Sure Where to Start?

Let’s start with the concern keeping you up at night. If you have specific questions or a financial concern not mentioned above, feel free to reach out and one of our specialists is happy to connect or point you in the right direction.