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Pre-Retirement and Retired Physicians

<strong>Safeguarding Your Wealth Through Retirement</strong>

Safeguarding Your Wealth Through Retirement

When approaching retirement, the main concern on physicians’ minds is usually “Will I be able to retire comfortably and with confidence that I will not run out of money?”

In order to answer this question, we recommend all physicians at this stage down with a specialist and undergo a ‘stress test’ of their retirement plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even the best savings plans often don’t consider the challenges that occur when distributing money in retirement. A formal review of your individual situation can determine if your finances align with your retirement goals and help to answer these key questions:

What's The Best Way To Turn My Retirement Assets/Investments Into Income In Retirement?

How Much Money Can I Safely Live On Each Month?

How Do I Manage The Tax Implications Associated With Pulling Money From My 401k/Retirement Plan?

Will I Outlive My Money?

How Do I Insulate Myself Against Dramatic Market Changes While Withdrawing Money Out To Live?

How Aggressive Should I Be With My Retirement Investments? And Have I Accounted For Above-Average Inflation?

<strong>Let's Discuss</strong>

Let's Discuss

These are concerns that should be addressed BEFORE retirement. One of our experienced Twin Oak distribution specialists can walk you through a review of your retirement goals and needs to stress test your plan and help to address the questions outlined above and ensure you understand the answers.

Top Financial Concerns for Pre-Retirees & Retired Physicians

<strong>How Much?</strong>

How Much?

Through personalized financial strategies, we guide you in building a secure retirement plan tailored to your unique needs, ensuring you have enough to retire comfortably.

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<strong>Investment Strategies</strong>

Investment Strategies

Reviewing options to best optimize qualified retirement plan contributions and employer matching, investing in Traditional vs Roth accounts, and college funding projections.

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<strong>Tax Implications</strong>

Tax Implications

We can help you identify appropriate tax strategies and create a tax-effective strategy for withdrawals, according to your desired lifestyle and income goals.

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Financial Planning Services for Physicians in Retirement

  • Retirement Planning
  • Portfolio Management
  • Asset Protection
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Planing