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Our Flexible Approach and Holistic Process

Customized Solutions for Physicians

Physicians can face complex financial situations. Our comprehensive team specializes in providing physicians with personalized guidance backed by industry relationships and personal knowledge of what you need to accomplish your career and life goals. We offer holistic planning and investment advice for all career stages.

<p><strong>Your Needs and Desires Always Come First</strong></p>

Your Needs and Desires Always Come First

If you’re like many of our physician clients, you probably think about your life goals more than financial goals. Whether it’s spending more time with family, buying a home, or enjoying a comfortable retirement, we’ll help you prioritize and pursue what matters most.

<p><strong>Establishing Financial Clarity Together</strong></p>

Establishing Financial Clarity Together

At Twin Oak Advisors, our approach involves a detailed process which enables us to better understand where you are today in terms of your financial health, in order to help you effectively plan your path toward your desired future.

Twin Oak Advisors Origins

Watch this video with Shaun McDuffee on how our firm got started and why we decided to work with and for physicians. 

Focused on Your Journey With a Holistic Process




Are you a PGY1 concerned about being in the right student loan repayment plan? Or a seasoned attending seeking investment advice?




Our Twin Oak team has access to hundreds of carriers and providers, allowing us to offer tailored solutions for your specific situation.




We're here to support you throughout your entire career, from managing student loans to achieving long-term financial goals.

Your Experienced Partners at Every Life Stage

Whether you’re a PGY1, starting fellowship or are a seasoned attending, we understand the unique needs of the physician life cycle and can help create a tailored plan to guide you through it.

<p><strong>Starting On Your Journey</strong></p>

Starting On Your Journey

<p><strong>Growing Your Wealth</strong></p>

Growing Your Wealth



<p><strong>Enjoying Your Retirement</strong></p>

Enjoying Your Retirement

How Can We Help?

We know physicians are busy. That’s why we offer remote advising to tackle your biggest concerns, from finding the right disability insurance to getting customized financial advice, all on your time.

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