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Ameritas, Guardian, Ohio National Financial Services, Mass Mutual, Principal, The Standard


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Sadly, one of the number one reasons residents, fellows, and attending’s wait to pick up disability insurance is because the process seems … “too much of a headache.”

Twin Oak digs through the carriers and their different products to help find the one that’s right for you. Take 1-2 minutes of your time to fill out a request and we will have a full side by side comparison quote for you within 48 hrs.

We will pair the comparison pdf with a full summary of our thoughts on your specific situation. You can also use our disability page and blog posts as a resource. We dive deeper into our most common questions from 1,000’s of other physicians in your same situation.

Disability Insurance Blog posts

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Why Disability Insurance
and why now?

As a physician, you have spent too much time and money to get to where you are. The disability policies that employers offer don’t quite do the job. Where disability plans differ, is in the definition of disability. You want the highest level of protection and use what your employer provides for free to supplement your plan. Both private and employer plans would pay out if you were disabled. You just have to satisfy what “disabled” means under both policies.

The best time to pick up disability insurance was yesterday. The longer you wait, the more expensive it gets and the more complicated the underwriting process can be.

If you are in training, the carriers only require a 20 min interview. You also have the ability to lock in substantial training discounts AND lock in your current health throughout your entire career. Once your policy is in-force, they can never ask another medical question.

We walk you through the entire process and help you make an informed decision to pick the right coverage for you.

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