Why to Choose an Independent Disability Insurance Agent

John Martens, CLU |

For physicians looking to find a Disability Insurance policy, there are often questions that come up in the process. Between conflicting information online and seemingly endless emails about the different DI options, it’s easy for residents and fellows to experience “analysis paralysis” or become overwhelmed by the process.

Working with one trusted, independent agent to answer your questions and guide your search can save already busy early-career physicians time, money, and the stress of having to figure out what policy is the right fit for them.

Why work with an independent agent?

Independent insurance agents, like those at Twin Oak Advisors, are not tied to a specific carrier and can be a powerful resource when securing a disability policy because they’re able to:

  • Compare options from all the major carriers to create an objective summary
  • Access training discounts for residents and fellows to ensure the best prices on quotes
  • Provide education and experiences to answer your questions to help you make an informed decision
  • Walk you through the process of securing a policy AND help monitor it for any future life changes

For insurance professionals affiliated with a specific carrier, it is no surprise that they will be focused on providing quotes and acquiring policies for said carrier. This often means a missed opportunity to objectively compare quotes across multiple carriers to find the appropriate policy for each individual, even if it is with another company.

Independent agents work differently by comparing quotes from multiple carriers and providing insight based on their own knowledge and your specific situation since there is no incentive for them to choose one carrier over another. This also means you can save valuable time combing through the different options because the agent can compare them all in one place to efficiently find the policy that’s right for you.

In addition, agents that work specifically with the medical community have a strong understanding of what benefits, riders, and other elements are important to physician coverage and what are perhaps less important. This is why we encourage residents and fellows to work with physician-focused, independent agencies like ours.

Mistakes to Avoid

For those not working with an independent agent, or approaching multiple to help them through the disability insurance process, there are a few mistakes we often see that can cost physicians time and even hurt their chances of getting the best available policy or rate for them.

  1. There is no Need to “Shop Around” for Disability Insurance

We understand that physicians want to get the best “deal” on their disability policy. And because of this, many residents and fellows approach multiple agents or brokers to compare the same policies and carriers, much like shopping around for the same car at different dealerships.

But for physician disability insurance this is unnecessary and could possibly have a negative impact on your ability to get the best available rate and policy (more on this below). Ultimately when it comes to DI, so long as the insurance agent(s) you’re working with have access to your training discount, and assuming the benefits and features of the policy are the same, the price to you for that carrier will be the same no matter how many quotes you get. Even if you request a quote from multiple agents for the same carrier, if you’re providing the same information, the rate will not change.

  1. Don’t Waste Time with Multiple Applications

We often encounter physicians who are waiting to pull the trigger on a disability policy because they’re waiting for a quote from elsewhere for the same carrier to see if they can get a better rate. There is no need to do this and physicians applying with the same insurance carrier through two different agencies is a common mistake we encounter.

Carriers will not send multiple quotes to the same individual and will instead choose one of the applications to move forward with. This can actually work against you if there were any differences in the applications submitted since the carrier will pick which one to consider with no guarantee that it gets you the best available rate of your options. It’s important to note this since it is mentioned above that if the information provided to the carrier is the same, the rate will not change regardless of the agency. But in the case that one agent was more thorough or knowledgeable than another, it can make a difference.

Why work with Twin Oak Advisors?

As advisors, our Twin Oak team is totally independent of any one carrier, and we understand that no single company is best because there are several factors that go into which might be best for YOU. We run an objective, no-obligation comparison summary of all 6 major DI carriers tailored specifically for doctors to determine the best-fit policy for each individual physician.

We pride ourselves on simplifying the process of acquiring disability insurance by answering any questions, comparing all your options, and ensuring that by the time you’re ready to apply for a policy you feel confident that the one you’ve selected is the best available option for you. Our independent agents also help you through the underwriting process, present the approval, and explain any changes you can decide to accept or decline.

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